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NOTE: Hold down the ctrl key when clicking on a file to download it. AJRF09 Generator download
Catdet080.pdf Detailed catalog listing of items on CCDF website.
chassis_inspection_annual.pdf Chassis Inspection annual
chassis_inspection_daily.pdf Chassis Inspection daily
Clothing Quick Ref.pdf Quick reference to the new features added to the website.
elec3078new.pdf The 3078 form.
ipfusizing.pdf New PT uniforms Sizing chart
KYLOC RS-TOPS Requestor Handbook.pdf KYLOC RS-TOPS Requestor Handbook.
NG Website Handbook.pdf This is the handbook that will assist the unit-level user with website procedures.
PageLocations.pdf This is a catalog that tells what page to find an item on the clothing section. If you have any questions call the MIS department.
Sizing_Info_TM 10-227.pdf Fitting of uniforms and footwear