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Maintain Class A during ASU Transition

From:  SFC Eric Clyne
Date:  11/15/2012 11:18:19 AM


As CCDF migrates to the fielding of the complete ASUs, (Coats, Trouser/Slacks, Skirts, Shirts etc) there continues to be a requirement for maintaining the Class A uniform. If a SMs class A shirt, coat or trousers become damaged or require replacement, it is not currently possible to replace those items since they have been removed from the CCDF site. It appears we have a large window were we will be unable to cloth our SMs with a complete dress uniform. The free issue received in the State did not provide adequate sizes to properly fit all SM, mainly due to the sizes of the trousers. How are we to maintain the class A uniforms that are currently issued to the SMs while we transition to the ASUs?